Project: QuoteURLText

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QuoteURLText is a Firefox Extension for copying text into a format for pasting.

COMING SOON! 1.09 with support for Firefox 3.5! The update has been sent to Firefox review. Expect an update soon!

While waiting for the update to process on the Mozilla Add-Ons Site, I'm posting a recent build here : QuoteUrlText 1.0.9

To install the plugin, download the xpi from the link above, then use "File > Open" from Firefox to open the file. Firefox will then install the plugin.

Need Help? Having an issue? Contact me at :


Quote URL text will copy selected to the clipboard including metadata about the page (Page Title, Location and date of copy). It provides options for plaintext or rich text copies. Advance formating (available from Tools -> QuoteUrlText) allow users to format the order of the URL, Title, Date and Quote as they need.

Quoteurltext was a featured Firefox Extension on Lifehacker!